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Here comes the slider. Small and unbelievably strong, like the rest of the family. Perfect for the messy bun, simply twist your hair, and push the slider over ends to secure. Guaranteed to stay put, until you loosen the grip and ease it out again. Match with The Skinny or The Ultraskinny, or use them alone. In this family, everything is possible.

Measures: 6.5 cm long and 0.4 cm wide.


Available in:
Stingray texture, pearlized heather
Lizard texture, pale heather
Metallic, rose snake print
Patent texture, Copenhagen nude
Glossy patent, Copenhagen nude
Lizard texture, pearlized rainbow
Crazy cool, metallic spots on white
Wide harlequin print, metallic rose on cream
Hair texture, peach

Fine texture, dk. gold
Lizard texture, dk. gold
Mini crocodile texture, electric gold
Taffeta print, metallic lt. gold
Smooth, beige lace print
Taffeta texture, silky leopard
Suede, warm metallic snake print
Smooth, lace print silver
Metallic silver
Crinkle metal, dk. silver

Smooth, dark blue
Crocodile texture, metallic lt. blue
Crocodile leg texture, metallic lt. purple
Suede, glittery lavender
Hairy texture, lilac
Puffy, pearl white
Mini crocodile texture, electric peach

Genuine leather, of course.

Handmade in Denmark.

Shipping is on the house (= free).