• Image of Skinny Barrette - Black v.18

The famous skinny French barrette also known as "the big eater" works equally well in fine and heavy hair. If you are not yet acquainted, you are in for a surprise. Pick your hide and prepare to get hooked.

Measures: 10.5cm long and 0.6cm wide.


Available in:
Fat and smooth luxe barenia, black
Rough biker, black
Smooth, black
Fat suede, black
Fat suede, red at heart
Suede, glittery black
Rough suede, charcoal black
Crocodile texture, black
Matte lizard texture, black
Micro hatch texture, black
Hair texture, black leopard

Genuine leather, of course.

Handmade in Denmark.

Shipping is on the house (= free).