• Image of The Ultraskinny - Black and grey

Say hello to the latest addition to the skinny barrette family: the ultraskinny. A tad shorter, a tad skinnier but it shares all the characteristics of the classic skinny barrette. A big eater that works in both fine and heavy hair. Guaranteed to hold and embrace a respectably sized pony tail with no problem.

Does this barrette make your hair look fat? Yes. Yes it does.

Measures: 8 cm long and 0.4 cm wide.

Available in:
Lizard, warm grey
Suede, "metallic tweed"
Snake, oily silver (sold out)
Smooth, dk. grey
Shiny "wet" grey
Suede, glittery black
Suede, glittery grey
Smooth black
Python, matte black (sold out)
Crocodile texture, black

Genuine leather, of course.

Handmade in Denmark, with great pride.

Shipping is on the house (= free).